COVID-19 Update
July 19th, 2021

Dear Optima Living Residents, Employees, and Stakeholders,

We are seeing the dawn! We are regaining our social relationships and opening our economies with some semblance of normalcy. It’s exciting now to see how a successful vaccination campaign is beginning to restore what we had before this pandemic! At Optima Living communities across Western Canada, family visits and other social events are becoming more common. The health and safety of our residents and staff are still our top priorities, so our sanitation and PPE requirements for staff and visitors will continue.

Take care and be safe. We are getting through this together!


The Public Health Agency of Canada released a chart with recommendations outlining how people should approach various social situations, depending on their vaccination status. The chart includes updated masking recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons and can be accessed at the link above.

The Government of Canada continues to discourage non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice. Federal requirements regarding travel and vaccinations are posted here.


Due to high vaccination rates, Alberta has lifted some of the remaining mandatory COVID-19 rules for continuing and long-term care facilities. Please check with your community Manager for further details on indoor and outdoor site visits, and read more here.

AHS is continuing to implement access restrictions and requirements. The updated guidance is available here.

Phase one:

Effective July 13, Alberta is moving to ease remaining restrictions.

Restrictions will be eased in 2 phases. Phase 1 changes are effective as soon as operators are able to do so, but residences have until July 31 to implement all changes.

Visitation policy

• The COVID-19 visiting policy has been rescinded and visitors will no longer be limited in number or conditions.

• Follow the pre-pandemic visiting process of each site.

• Visitors must continue to wear a mask in indoor common areas.

• Masks may be removed in private rooms or spaces if the resident prefers.

• Visitors who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear masks at all times in all areas of the building.

Phase two:

All remaining restrictions will be removed at a later date with a return to pre-pandemic processes and expectations. This includes outbreak protocols, testing requirements, and rules around isolation and quarantine.

You can reserve your vaccine by visiting or calling 811.

Open for Summer Lottery

Alberta also has an “Open For Summer” Vaccine Lottery that is open to all Alberta residents 18 and over that have received their vaccination. Prize details and information can be found here. 

British Columbia

Eased visitation restrictions for Senior Residences are coming on July 19. 

Please check with your community manager for details on indoor and outdoor site visits.

"Because of the progress that we've made across the board here in B.C., we're now at a place where we can more fully open and get back to visitation once again," Henry said. 

“Changes to long-term care and seniors’ assisted living include:

• Visitors will no longer need to schedule or book in advance to visit loved ones, and the limit on the number of visitors for each resident will be removed.

• Fully immunized visitors can visit with residents without wearing a mask.

• Larger, facility-wide social events or gatherings are safe to begin again.

• Indoor gatherings may include residents and staff across units of a facility, while outdoor gatherings may include family and friends.

Adult day programs and in-facility respite can fully resume, providing additional health and well-being benefits for seniors and caregivers in the community.” 

“After an incredibly challenging 18 months, it is uplifting to see people in long-term care and assisted living get back to doing more of the things they love, like gathering with friends, family, and community members,” said Mable Elmore, Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors Services and Long-Term Care. “As we put COVID-19 behind us, we will continue to ensure our seniors living in long-term care and assisted living are safe, supported, and cared for.”

The screening of visitors and practices such as hand hygiene, use of medical masks, and physical distancing will remain in place when visitation restrictions are eased. It is strongly recommended that visitors choose to get fully immunized against COVID-19, in order to lower the risk to people in long-term care settings.”

You can register for your vaccine by clicking here or calling 1-833-838-2323.


Please click here for the latest details on BC restrictions.

Stay Safe. Be Well. Take Care.

Farid Damji | Co-Founder & Principal
Optima Living

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